TriBeCa is actually an acronym for "Triangle Below Canal" - TriBeCa. Since the 1970s, Tribeca has experienced a renaissance, as artists, retailers, and even families, have populated the neighborhood's large warehouse buildings and lofts. The area’s cobblestone streets, impressive warehouse buildings, and world-class dining, uniquely blend the old and new. 

Virtually uninhabited less than twenty years ago, TriBeCa has become one of the hottest real estate areas in Manhattan. Struggling artists flocked to TriBeCa when the rent in SoHo became too high. With a similar building makeup (low-rise cast iron buildings with large windows and interior walls), TriBeCa quickly became the interest of professionals and businesses alike. Although TriBeCa is home to artists, celebrities and industrial types, it is also an ideal place for family living. With fewer tourists than SoHo, but with the similar building layouts and spacious designs, families have discovered TriBeca to be the perfect blend of convenience and location.

Hot Properties in Tribeca